Who is Biorell ?

Biorell Group is recognized as a manufacturer and distributor of safe and effective hand sanitizers. Health Canada approves of the Biorell and Alco lines in gel or liquid form.

Biorell is a winning combination of more than 50 years of the experience and know-how of OmniChem and ChapTec, two Quebec companies.

OmniChem is recognized worldwide as a distributor and manufacturer of chemical products in the food industry, while ChapTec distinguishes itself by its expertise in manufacturing solvents for medical pathology laboratories. Both have received the Ecoresponsible Certification.

Quality, accountability, transparency and collaboration guide Biorell’s decisions.

Our team will inform you of the different options our products offer that would be the most appropriate for your customers and your line of business.

Biorell manufactures and distributes its products from its own facilities located in the east end of Montréal. Our technical team and our chemists join forces to offer you the best products.

Biorell is more than buying locally: it is local manufacturing for a sustainable economy.


Biorell, your health comes first!